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Key Features

Office Protect: Monitoring & Alerts
Office Protect: Monitoring & Alerts
Monitoring & Alerts24/7 Email alerts
  • Any change to your security policy
  • Sign-in from unusual locations, unknown devices or IP
  • Suspicious mailbox activities
  • Administrator abuse
Office Protect: Threat Protection
Threat ProtectionDeployment of best security settings
  • Audit Logs Always-On
  • Mailbox Audit Logs Always-On
  • Enable MFA for admin/all users
  • Set outbound spam notifications
Office Protect: Threat Protection
Office Protect: Reporting
Office Protect: Reporting
ReportingActivity dashboard and reporting
  • Activity Dashboards
  • Automated reports
  • Export to PDF or CSV

Why use Office Protect?Security Remains the Top Concern for SMBs

Human Error

Recent statistics have shown that almost half of IT incidents in small and medium businesses are due to human error.

Permanent Threats

Office 365 is the most popular productivity solution in the world. Cybercrime is a growing threat, especially ransomware.

Poor User Education

It takes just one uneducated or distracted user to open a malicious file that can harm an entire company.

Built-in Templates

Built-in Templates

Choose from a list of templates and set the security level for your client’s users.


Be Proactive

Stop fighting threats. Your client can count on you to keep their data safe.

End-to-End Services

End-to-End Services

Enrich your Office 365 offer with a high security monitoring solution.



Monitor security and get notified about unusual access activity.